Review of First Endurance Pre Race Caps & Powder

Pre Race is not meant to replace that pure joy of your morning pre-training coffee or espresso.

What Pre Race is designed to do is bring you an engineered precise blend of ingredients. One that you would dream of as an endurance athlete when performance matters. Pre Race does this without the harshness of coffee.

This is a product that has gone aggressive and industrial and gets right down to the task of doing what it says it does: stimulate the nitric oxice (NO) system, help increase time to exhaustion and improve performance.

With each serving of Pre Race you get 200 mg of caffeine, which helps set up the environment to kick start the intensity of your workout.



Taurine, another product in Pre Race, and also found in the drink Red Bull is a neuroinhibitory transmitter. Taurine is quite a product in itself, helping anxiety control & stress management because it lowers cortisol, a hormone our body releases under stress. It is also extremely effective in helping motivation and fighting inflammation.

Of interesting note due to its effects on calming, if you have any experience with fat loss, you’ll know that the body is most agreeable about giving up its fat stores when it is calm and not stressed.

Before I list some other key ingredients and benefits, one thing I will add that has always interested me and I like when using Pre Race is: I haven’t had that jittery over-anxious feeling you can get with other caffeinated products. I really like this fact. Because of the absence of this hyped up or jittery feeling you can wonder if it it is even working. However, once underway Pre Race can turn a not so good day in to a VERY good day.

Citrulline malate, another product found in Pre Race has always been a long time friend of mine. This product has been shown to stimulate nitric oxide, remove toxins and reduce lactate acid and ammonia levels in the body.

These are all important things to a body and muscles under load when going full gas.

While taking Pre Race before your big workout-s/race the effects can sound more than a bit fantastical, but these ingredients are solidly bound to nutritional science.

If you are like myself, our days and weeks can be frought with daily challenges and some added fatigue that can take our intensity down a notch regardless of how committed we are for our key sessions. Pre Race is my Go-to product 1-2 x per week for my breakthrough sessions.

Pre Race comes in a powdered form and in capsules. When using the powder it can be added in with any pre-exercise or during-exercise drink like EFS consumed 30-1 hr before workouts. Best not mix with plain water as it does not taste good as I experienced once.

First Endurance have not changed the formula for Pre Race simply because it continues to deliver what they set out for it to do. Provide endurance athletes with a product that increases mental stamina, increase time to exhaustion along with mental clarity and oxygenation of muscles.