Pre and post training & race nutrition (breakfast and recovery)

Over distance: bike 6+ hrs & run off bike                                  


Ultragen - Recovery Drink

Learn how to maximize glycogen repletion and muscle damage repair with fast absorbing nutrients during the critical 30 minute glycogen window.

Multi-V - Endurance Multi Vitamin

MultiV not only provides the highest quality and most bioavailable nutrients, it also provides an enzyme blend that has been clinically shown to increase time to exhaustion by 43% when taken with a pre-exercise meal.



The primary thing OptygenHP does is modulate your stress. This means it helps you improve oxygen transfer, reduce lactic acid build up, improve recovery & performance, sleep better at night, burn fat more efficiently and spare muscle.


Discover how PreRace's ability to dramatically improve performance was scientifically verified by an independent, double-blind placebo clinical study.


EFS - Endurance Drink

Learn the truth about carbohydrates that even the top pro cyclists and triathletes may not be aware of.

EFS Liquid Shot

Learn how EFS Liquid Shot is much more effective than energy gels, and why elite professional endurance athletes agree.