Review of Optygen HP Supplements

Say good bye to the nasty inflammations and fatigued immune systems with Optygen HP from First Endurance.

This is the go-to-product for athletes if you are looking to reduce stress and inflammation from training hard along with helping take your performance to that next level.



You do not need to be an elite athlete to use Optygen & Optygen HP. Stress comes from many directions in our lives, not just training everyday. Many athletes think that if they are not a pro-athlete, they are not training enough to need this type of support. I have always felt it’s the exact opposite. If you are holding down a job and training 1-2 x per day along with managing everything else that life encompasses, your body is under a lot of load. Possibly even more than if you were a pro-athlete.

Optygen Hp is a product specifically designed to help manage the damaging effect of this load/stress. It's a synergy of ingredients designed to address a number of needs of endurance athletes and those looking to help with physical and cognitive vitality.

Take for example, Rhodiola, one of the engredients in Optygen & Optygen HP. Tibetan sherpas use this to help them climb Mt Everest.  It is a highly reliable product in reducing fatigue from prolonged stressful situations as associated with endurance & endurance sport. 

You could call it your anti-fatigue agent. It is slightly stimulatory, but not like caffeine.

Optygen and Optygen HP also contain adaptogenic herbs with long names, the like of Panax Notoginseng extract, Eleutherococcus senticosis extract & Rosa Roxburghii fruit extract. These herbs effectively go towards helping you control cortisol levels when under stress along with extending time to exhaustion. When cortisol levels are reduced it helps you train at highly stressful levels without going into overtraining states. A place you do not want to go as an athlete striving to be the best you can be.

So you are ready to head out the door and train the house down, pushing new limits? The good news is we are not finished yet. Optygen & Optygen HP also contain another key engredient: Beta-alanine. This is a non-essential amino acid that efficiently synthesises lactate thresholds so you can push to higher levels of output. The ability to push new boundaries and sustain a higher heartrate before the debilitating effects of lactic acids slows them down has to be good news. Over time the athlete molds their ability to improve endurance capacity for training and racing, leaving their old training buddies in the dust with new found levels of fitness.

Last but not least, Optygen & Optygen HP contain a molecule that is known to help red blood cells dump oxygen into the muscle cells: phosphate. Optygen HP has this ingredient phosphate, which forms part of a compound called 2,3-diphoshoglycerate (2,3-DPG).

When we train and race there is a whole unloading system that unlocks oxygen from the hemoglobin of your blood cells and delivers it to your muscle cells. In other words, it is not the muscles that limit the oxygen use, but rather the amount of oxygen that gets into them. The more oxygen you can deliver to your muscles, the higher your capacity in both training and competing.