Review of First Endurance Ultragen Recovery Drink

Ultragen recovery drink, if consumed in the magic 30 minute window post exercise, is the most advanced recovery formula ever developed for endurance athletes. This is a recovery drink that has shown in clinical research to maximize recovery and give you the edge you are looking for.

It is a recovery drink that promises what it delivers & more. You will notice that it goes into full solution quickly when mixed with water and is not clumpy. When a recovery formula’s containing protein in water mixes well, it is a very good indicator of how well the stomach will break them down.


Most endurance athletes have experienced that constant craving for food post training along with lethargicness and wondering how the next day's training will go. Yes, you might have trained hard, but more often than not your glycogen has been driven low from the exercise you have done resulting in massive fluctuations in your energy cycle post session. This can often last for hours, resulting in a lot of excess calories being taken in trying to satisfy the need to restore your energy. Using a comprehensive drink like Ultragen designed to restore your gylcogen levels quickly and deliver just the right amount of nutrients at the right time will have you making better food choices in the following hours.

Each serving of Ultragen is packed with 4500 mg of branched chain amino acids which, when consumed in minutes, get right to work on having your muscles recovered and ready for the next day. Along with this, you have whey protein isolates & hydrolysates that are dissolved over several hours, meaning they come in behind to back up the BCAAs in the recovery process.

First Endurance Ultragen recovery drink delivers 20 grams in total of these high qaulity cutting edge proteins. You also get 60 grams of fast acting carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are critical to making sure your gylcogen is increased to allow the protein to be completely absorbed by the muscles. 6 grams of glutamine, which is essential in the recovery process, are also present with each serving.

It is this synergy of ingredients that makes Ultragen recovery formula the preferred drink chosen by endurance athletes. It comes in 5 flavours: chocolate, orange creamsicle, tropical punch, cappucino & vanilla.

To get the best out of each serving immediately after your training sessions always mix with water (only) for best absorbtion.

However Ultragen can be enjoyed as a smoothie with added fruit or your favorite ingredient as a pre training/race breakfast or a substituted meal at a time of day of your choosing.